Take a look inside PAUL

  • No energy needed – gravity driven
  • No chemicals needed
  • Simple & robust
  • No or nearly no maintenance needed
  • Operational even for illiterates
  • Easily transportable, even hands-free as a backpack
  • Designed to help in emergencies and disasters
  • gravity driven dead end filtration with vertical flat sheet membranes
  • ULP-UF: ultra low pressure ultrafiltration: max. 0.08 bar
    – pore blocking: close to zero
    – cake layer removal: by gravity (sinks to the bottom and then to be removed)
    – process: pressure operated (instead of usual flow driven process)
  • ≈ 10 m2 membrane surface area, lifetime 10+ years
  • Min. capacity 1,200 L/d, practical measurements from 2,000 to 6,000 L/d
  • no spare parts necessary
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