Who is PAUL?

PAUL, the ‘WaterBackpack’, is a small and portable (23 kg) membrane filtration unit. It can filter 1,200 liters of water per day, usually significantly more (even up to 6,000 liters per day).
You want to see PAUL’s inner workings and know the technical facts? Take a look at the page PAUL!

PAUL removes bacteria, viruses and other pathogens almost up to 100% (avg., up to 99.99999%) from contaminated water without needing chemicals or electrical energy.

PAUL can be operated even by illiterates in emergencies and already 4,500+ PAUL units exist in 91 countries worldwide.

PAUL has a 10+ year lifetime, so it can also be used to build a PAUL STATION for a permanent water supply. Such a PAUL STATION offers communities, schools, hospitals and the local population the opportunity to reduce their water costs and additionally earn their own money. So far, 500+ PAUL STATION arrangements have been installed worlwide.

Some information videos on PAUL

Short info about PAUL made by DBU
(German audio, 3 minutes)

PAUL and PAUL STATION in India and Vietnam
(English audio, 12 minutes)

Tutorial – How to build a PAUL STATION
(English audio, 12 minutes)