Breaking news: German state presents 20 PAULS to central Vietnam region

Hanoi (VNA) – Minister of Economy, Science and Digitalisation of Germany’s Sachsen-Anhalt state, Armin Willingmann, through the World University Service (WUS), has presented 20 nano water purifiers to flood-hit localities in Vietnam’s central region.

WUS president Kambiz Ghawami handed over the purifiers to a flight repatriating Vietnamese citizens in Germany on December 17. The gifts will be sent to schools in the hardest-hit areas of Binh Dinh and Quang Nam provinces.

Ghawami said such solidarity helps strengthen Vietnam-Germany ties, adding that when Germany faced a shortage of face masks in April to fight COVID-19, the Vietnamese Government and Vietnamese citizens in Germany presented more than 120,000 face masks to German hospitals and humanitarian facilities through the WUS.

The WUS has worked to support Vietnamese people who suffered from the terrible recent flooding, he said, expressing his honour at contributing to Vietnam-Germany relations.

Sachsen-Anhalt has to date presented 61 water purifiers to Vietnam, while the WUS has helped some 110,000 students, teachers, and residents in remote and mountainous areas access clean water by presenting a total of 210 purifiers./.

Source: VNA (Vietnam News), Friday, December 18, 2020 16:22

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PAUL, the ‘WaterBackpack’, is a small and portable (20 kg) membrane filtration unit which removes bacteria, virus and other pathogens by 99.99% from contaminated water without chemicals or electric energy, and can be operated even by illiterates in emergencies. 3,000 PAUL units are in more than 80 countries worldwide.

As PAUL has a 10+ year lifetime. The so-called PAUL station arrangement – with a standard PAUL unit as the core – provides a permanent water supply for communities, schools, hospitals, offering the chance for the local population to decrease their cost for water and in addition earn their own money.
So far, more than 500 PAUL station arrangements have been installed worldwide.

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